How ELV Companies in Dubai keeps your business safe

Pingsecure LLC is one of the leading ELV companies in Dubai, UAE with experience of more than 26 years. As one of the top ELV companies in Dubai, UAE we use a combination of strategy plus cutting edge technologies. Here are some facts about ELV systems. ELV systems run on a parallel power source. Moreover all buildings are powered by primary electric source. This helps to separately monitor working of various security devices. ELV companies in Dubai, UAE use a combination of broad range of cutting edge technologies.

This includes:-

  • LAN & WLAN (Local Area Network & Wireless Local Area Network)
  • LAN is used to provide internet access to computer devices. They are usually connected through SCS (Structured Cabling Systems). Moreover the way the LAN connections vary in small & large buildings. Small building mainly uses MDF (Master Distribution Frame) while large buildings use IDF (Intermediate Distribution Frame).

    WLAN as you all allows connecting to internet through the use of wireless devices. Moreover, LAN acts as the basic medium for connecting all other ELV Systems in a security network.

  • Telephony based systems
  • Most hi-tech business infrastructures make use of VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). In short, it could be referred as the process of making calls over the internet. As discussed earlier most VOIP’s are connected by means of LAN (Local Area Network). This provides better accessibility and functionality to most business networks. Offers better responsiveness to business operations.

  • CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)
  • Closed Circuit Television widely known as CCTV. CCTV is one of the most common security device used all over the world. It allows monitoring security of the entire building infrastructure. It allows for continuous recording through the use of Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s). CCTV’s are connected through coaxial cables. Internet Protocol (IP) cameras are one of the best used inventions. Most importantly they are inter-connected through the use of LAN connections. Furthermore, the proper installation of CCTV systems is a matter to be taken care of by a reputed ELV company.

  • ACS (Access Control Systems)
  • Access Control Systems gives access to multiple locations in a building infrastructure. Access control systems make use of biometric scanners, face detection systems, RFID’s (Radio frequency Identification’s), retina scanners, voice detection systems, magnetic doors, magnetic sensors etc.

  • IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems)
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), a commonly heard word when it is a matter that concerns security. IDS involve combination of IR motion detectors, CCTV recorders, theft alarms, long / short range radars, video analyzing software & much more. IDS systems could be installed for home as well as business buildings.

  • Fire Alarm Systems (FAS)
  • Fire Alarm Systems (FAS), are commonly divided into two conventional & addressable. Fire alarm systems allows for easy detection of heat, smoke & even both. It allows installation of beacon alert system as well. Modern fire alarm systems allow integration with LAN. It helps in keeping the business infrastructure safe & protected from phenomenal hazards.

  • Public Addressing System / Public Addressing & General Alarm (PAS / PAGA)
  • Public Addressing System / Public Addressing & General Alarm (PAS / PAGA), it is one of the widely used security installation in most business enterprises. It is where public announcement could be added as add on feature. PAS is installed in a way where it could be automatically triggered by fire alarms. It is most seen at Laboratories, research center’s etc. It also allows for integration with LAN.

  • Satellite Master Antenna Television / Cable Television / Internet Protocol Television (SMATV / CATV / IPTV)
  • Satellite Master Antenna Television / Cable Television / Internet Protocol Television (SMATV / CATV / IPTV) are all a common form of video based security measure taken by business enterprises. It links multiple video recordings to a single screen which are usually connected through co-axial cables. It works the same as that of CCTV’s. It is used at vicinities where total security protection is needed such as jails, government research centers, museums etc. Modern SMATV, CATV & IPTV allows integration with Local Area Network as well.

  • Home Automation based systems
  • Home Automation based systems involves the use of various digital devices. Older days incorporates remote control access. But, with the advancement of technology this was made much simple. Even integration with mobile applications, tablets etc have become possible. Home automation based systems applications vary in its usage. Everything from lights, doors, gates etc could be controlled automatically through Home automation based systems.

  • Multi-media (AV) systems
  • Multi-media (AV) systems use wide range of digital video, audio devices & security systems. Most ELV companies in Dubai, UAE employ multi-media (AV) systems for better accessibility & flexibility. It involves audio conference systems, meeting room systems, interactive smart board, video conferencing systems, digital signage, simulation models & much more. It could also be well implemented with LAN.

We are professionals who have been delivering the best security services to clients all over the Globe and not just for the Middle East region. Most ELV companies in Dubai, UAE aims to make their clients business safe from threat. But let me ask you a question is your business really safe and secure. Was there a time were you yourself was concerned about the quality of the work delivered by ELV companies in Dubai, UAE.

Let me ask you a question, How could most business maintain complete security when they are not even using the latest advanced ELV systems?

Most businesses are ignorant towards cyber threats & security threats. To make up for their ignorance, they should get help from the best ELV companies in Dubai, UAE. ELV companies in Dubai, UAE helps to promote:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Responsiveness
  • Timely Operations
  • Better Automation

To enjoy the safety of our security services get in touch one of the best ELV companies in Dubai, UAE.