CCTV dealers in UAE

How to choose the right CCTV dealers in UAE ?

Pingsecure LLC is one of the leading CCTV dealers in UAE with experience of more than 26 years. As one of the top CCTV suppliers in UAE we use a combination of strategy plus cutting edge technologies. Here are some facts about CCTV security systems. CCTV security systems gives you a preventive upper-hand when it comes to taking precautionary measurement to prevent theft. Moreover, CCTV security systems could be used at variety of places varying from public market place to high security involved military bases. This helps to separately monitor working of various security divisions in an organisation. As one of the renowned CCTV dealers in UAE, we employ a wide combination CCTV security based cutting edge technologies. Now let us discuss about some facts about the importance of CCTV security systems & how making the right choice of CCTV dealers in UAE is important.

Importance of CCTV Security Systems

Most clients have their own custom requirements, when it comes to security & surveillance. Some may have security requirements involving comercial buildings, while some other may involve residential properties. Let me tell you some examples of most seen security requirements.

  • Surveillance of cash register transactions at banks, margin-free etc to monitor employee working.
  • Airport passenger surveillance & monitoring for suspicious activity & packages.
  • Monitoring of vandalism.
  • Monitoring shop customers to prevent shoplifting.
  • Surveillance of suspicious activity around residential property at night.
  • Surveillance around bank premises at night to prevent bank robbery.
  • Overseeing at high risk areas.

Overall each requirements depends on client to client. Only one of the professionally experienced CCTV dealers in UAE are capable of meeting the security service needs of many customers all overt the Globe.

Learn about the various types CCTV Cameras !

A CCTV(Closed Circuit Television) system often gives a customer a sense of peace of mind. As we could feel assured that an extra pair of eyes are watching our premises to prevent theft. In-addition in today's world the crime rate is increasing at a very high rate as a result even the whole world is in a state of panic and the only way to avoid it is to install a proper security system which offers a complete 24hrs surveillance. There are a variety of CCTV security based systems available in the market place. Now let us discuss about some of the well known CCTV systems available to most CCTV dealers in UAE

They are:-

  • Dome Cameras
  • Dome Cameras are one of the most common CCTV security based system. Dome cameras are normally used for indoor based security & surveillance security measures. The focus of the dome cameras showns us the directions to which the Dome camera are pointed. As a whole, dome cameras is one among the leading security system solutions offered by most CCTV suppliers in UAE. Dome cameras are also used at many banks, hospitals etc. Dome cameras are easier to use & setup.

  • Bullet Cameras
  • Bullet Cameras have a clear & long cylindrical shape which is well suited for long distance vision & monitoring. Bullet cameras are used for long distance vision security monitoring. It usually comes with a protective casing, to prevent it from dust, smoke water etc. They offer better adaptability, speed & high quality image resolutuions etc. While all the business security systems put forth by most CCTV security system dealers in UAE depends on the quaility of the CCTV product as a whole.

  • C-Mount Camera
  • C-Mount Camera consists of detachable lenses to incease or decrease the devices range of vison. They normally provide the option for the addition of special lenses. Moreover the distance range of range of a C-Mount Camera may usually extend upto 40feets or more. They are provied with the option to update technology, easier to use & secure. C-Mount Cameras are used for both indoor & outdoor security system solutions. Which makes it an unavoidable product to most CCTV dealers in UAE. It is also very compact in size.

  • PTZ Cameras
  • PAN/TILT & ZOOM (PTZ CAMERAS) are able to pan left, right, top & bottom which also comes with tilting option too. These security cameras also comes with the option tozoom in & zoom out videos during surveillance. It is well used in places where 24 hrs security is required. They are also handled by a security monitoring specialist. They also come with smart tracking features too. Also auto-zoom & autofocus features makes PTZ Cameras which more reliable & efficient.

  • Day/Night Camera
  • Day/Night Camera widely known as Night vison CCTV cameras. Night vison CCTV cameras is one of the most common security device used all over the world. It allows monitoring security of the entire building infrastructure both day & night. It is used at locations where IR cameras are unable to perform upto their optimum condition. Night vison CCTV cameras are able to record in both black & white mode. Night vison CCTV cameras cameras are one of the best used & best sold inventions by most CCTV suppliers in UAE. They are also available in wide variety of sizes and shapes. Most importantly they are inter-connected through the use of LAN connections. Furthermore, the proper installation of CCTV systems is a matter to be taken care of by a reputed CCTV dealers in UAE.

  • Network/IP CCTV Camera
  • Network/IP CCTV Camera makes it possibe to send analog images over the internet. Network/IP CCTV Camera comes in both hard-wired & wire-less forms. They are even run on seperate power sources. Not all wireless cameras are IP based but in general they offer extreme flexibility during installations.

  • High-Definition HD CCTV Camera
  • High-Definition HD CCTV Camera, a commonly heard word when it is a matter that concerns security. High-Definition HD CCTV Cameras are involved in casino's, banks, hospitals etc. High-Definition HD CCTV Camera systems could be installed for home as well as business buildings too. High-Definition HD CCTV Camera are often used used for extreme clarity video recordings & monitorings.

  • Discreet CCTVs
  • Discreet CCTVs, well-known as disguised CCTV cameras which appears like either fan or flower base and much more. It allows to monitor clearly suspicious activity over a vicinity or area. Basically hidden discreet cameras comes in the shape of households. They may not be wired. Their power source is basically a rechargeable battery in general.

We are professionals who have been delivering the best CCTV security system based services to clients all over the Globe and not just for the Middle East region. Most CCTV dealers in UAE aims to make their clients business safe from threat. But let me ask you a question is your business really safe and secure. Was there a time were you yourself was concerned about the quality of the work delivered by CCTV suppliers in UAE.

Let me ask you a question, How could most business maintain complete security when they are not even using the latest advanced CCTV Systems?

Most businesses are ignorant towards cyber threats & security threats. To make up for their ignorance, they should get help from the best CCTV dealers in UAE. CCTV suppliers in UAE helps to promote:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Responsiveness
  • Timely Operations
  • Better Automation

To enjoy the safety of our security services get in touch one of the best CCTV dealers in UAE.